Monetize of your blog

Monetize of your blog

If you have a successful blog with subscribers looking for your high-quality content - or if your blog is often shared through social media - then making money with your blog is a very easy process.

Here are some quick and easy ways to make money with your current blog:

# 1: Promoting Affiliate Products

In the content of your blog, you can refer to affiliate products that you promote. These can be promoted within the content or as the focal point of a blog post, such as product reviews or endorsements.

# 2: Click-Per-Action Offer

Click-Per-Action or CPA occurs when a third party pays you to take certain actions, such as giving visitors their email address to your blog or website. There are many CPA networks that you can search for CPA offers, which you can include on our blog.

Some of CPA's networks pay just a few cents for each blog reader you get to click through offers, and can cost several dollars for a few clicks. Offers may or may not be directly related to the content of your blog.

# 3: Brand Placement

When you promote a specific brand or product on your blog, it is called brand placement. If you have a lot of loyal customers, a reputation as an expert in your field, or a very popular one often cited in the media, many advertisers will pay to associate with your blog.

Generally, companies want to deliver their brand or products to those blogs or websites, but nothing prevents you from contacting companies and promoting your brands in the content on our blog, especially if your blog is already popular.

# 4: Add mailing list / newsletter option form

 When people sign up, use customer lists to promote products and services or to sell listings to other bloggers or internet marketers.

 When you have the addresses of people interested in your niche, you should only use your autoresponder to conduct an email marketing campaign to promote your products or services or other marketers.

# 5: Sell show ads

If your blog is self-hosted, you can sell as many display ads as you want and keep all the profits for yourself. The amount you can charge for advertising depends on how many regular customers you have and your reputation as a blogger.

Ads can be placed at the top, margins, or at the bottom of your blog page. In other words, you can charge a set amount to advertisers or you can charge a fixed rate per month - to 1,000 viewers of your blog.

# 6: Text Ads

Another type of ad that you can sell on a self-hosted blog is in-text advertising. Links are placed inside your text and come with a double underline to separate them from regular links. When the user rolls the mouse over a link, a pop-up ad will appear that will drive the viewer to your advertiser's web page or offer.

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