Online Business Vs Online Job

Online Business Vs Online Job

This is your online business, not your online hobby
Online business vs online job is a different mindset. The job is the work you do for someone else. It dominates your day and your time with a set schedule.

The job is your employer, not the other way around. You work for someone else. Even if it's online, the truth is ... you're still an employee. You may have heard that you can make money by working online for a company or third party (not as an affiliate or a seller). You work for someone else and finish W4.

This is actually the lifestyle I intend to avoid using in online business. This model is not possible.

I know you see the ad. "We want to be home mom jobs", but you may find that some of these places not only offer you a good job, but also give you a fantastic schedule. Although not all are similar.

Why I like the online business model
For me it’s all about control. I like controlling my day. If I want to work in the morning, I can do it. If I want to work until midnight, that's my right. Why? Because I decide how successful (or unsuccessful) my business is, and that's because of my effort.

It could be the highest salary or the easiest, lowest paying job I've ever done. It was a square lie on my shoulders. You can see the problem with many online companies you can work with.

Many of them catch people who make illegal claims, which makes things easier.

What happens is that the people who trust these people, who do not have the time, money and effort may not be in the rest of the business. I looked at it with my eyes. I always advocate starting your online business. Why would you ask who can trust you better? Let me tell you, if I'm going to invest in anything, it's me, period.

You will not be depressed
You win when you win. What you care about will be successful. It’s about capturing your dream and never letting it go. Working for someone else can help you grow your dreams with your effort. Working for yourself can help you fulfill your dreams.

I know where the difficulty is. This is an early stage. How do you get started? Where to Start Can I Start My Online Business Quickly and With Low Investment?

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  3. Yea I can relate with this. I also work full time and run 2 businesses. But I’ve decided that next month will be my last. The reason is that working a full time job and a full time business has gotten out of control where I need to quit one in order to live a proper life. Currently sleep at 2-3am every day, so it’s time to be proactive and dedicate my full attention to it as opposed to spending 4-5 hours each night trying to grow it and deteriorating my health.

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