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Backlinks are the lifeblood of the Internet. The quality and variety of content on the site - as well as the backlinks you refer to on your site - can help show up more frequently in search results. These are the best places to get backlinks to your site in a specific order.

1. Local or industry-specific directory

The exception is because the directory is considered old-fashioned. But local and industry-specific directories are all about accepting and choosing not only the real but also the sites that are run by real human beings.

2. Facebook post

 People use it to chat and even recommend things to friends - it links back to your site.

3. LinkedIn Profile

If you are affiliated with a company, chances are you have a LinkedIn profile.

If you ignore it, as many have done, it can be very plain and boring. But that doesn't mean it should be! You can edit your profile and include other content related to it, including a link on your company's website.

4. Youtube Video

As you may know, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web.

It is used daily and can be viewed by millions of videos - even the most obscure ones.

You can easily make videos on your phone or even on YouTube. There is an option to record your webcam or create a slideshow-style video when you log into your account.

In the video description you can add backlinks to your site, which promotes real visitors and search engines.

5. Articles

These types of websites are a very effective way to tell about your site.

He has a large number of regular visitors and readers. And you are allowed to return a link to your website in the Resource box that follows the articles.

6. Twitter

There seems to be an option to tweet on almost every website you visit.

Links used on Twitter are usually cut due to limited font space, although they are still considered links on your website and are still considered backlinks.

7. Press Release

If you have some news to tell the world, a press release is a good way to do this.

While there are some people on the web who are ignoring press releases, a quick visit to Google News will show you that they are alive and kicking.

You need a story that feels like news, but if you're stuck for ideas, going through almost any newspaper or magazine can inspire you.

8. Infographics

Infographics can be as simple or complex as you want.

They are best used to simplify complicated things - I prefer to use MindMap for this, but others use image software like Photoshop or get it on sites like Fever Huh.

Then pin the newly created infographic to sites like Pinterest.

9. Guest blogging

It has received some criticism in recent months, but if it is done right, it works.

You contact websites for external writers to provide articles to their site - all under the Huffington Post - and then contribute to a quality post, which is published, and include a link to your website.

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