Link Building way for Website

Today you need to know how to use the link. I will explain how I use them and why I use them. What works for me will work for some, and for some it will not work. This is what I learned from Designing, Trial, A, and B Testing and feedback from clients I have worked with over the years.

I am a designer for many big companies. I made a ton of money. I learned a lot from my design skills right here.

Put on me! Below you will find my secrets to using the link.

1) Link Never Say No, Click Here, They Need 2-5 Words. They should be related, what's on the other side of the link, IE: (You can learn, play like a professional, you can download her naughty picture).

2) Your link should be in different colors (Active, Tour, Hover)

3) The home page link should be practical, (dealing with appropriate and real things)

4) Don't let your readers essay wherever they go, if they click on that link, they know that the link will take you to a page that tells them.

5) Make the link more specific than usual.

6) Use your log file to see what your customers are looking for, and then use the most commonly used words for your link.

7) Use the title tag to help your users know where they are going.
(Title = anchor text)

8) Try to use a first-person perspective. IE: (I want you to go to _______________)

9) Don't force your user to open a new window when they click on the link. They know how to use the button on their back.

10) This is a very important lesson, test your links. After you write your links, test them in different browsers. Make sure they go wherever you want to go and there are no broken links. Dead links or links to the wrong category will save you a lot of money.

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