Increase Geo Target Traffic on your Website

Increase Geo-Target Traffic on your Website

Getting targeted traffic for free is not as difficult as you think.  Some of these resources cost some money but most of them are not cost-effective.

One of the best free traffic is when you use search engines to help you.

Here are some excellent resources:

1. Traffic from local search engine pages - It's very easy to claim a local page for your business. If you add relevant content and links to your main website, it's an easy way to generate quick traffic that you can convert. Best of all, if you have a local business you can add gravity to your local searches.

2. Build Multiple Hubpages - These platforms are free to build and if you post high-quality content, follow the rules and deliver it to your readers, you can drive traffic from the right search engine to your main website. You must add and research ongoing content and follow the instructions of the top page creators so that you are not limited.

3. Reverse Engineered Google Alert - Google Alert is a great tool for searching content. By using long-tail keywords that are relevant to your niche, you can find out about press releases, competitors, videos, blogs, and any kind of fresh and great content that people put online. By following the content stream on the blog based on your keywords, those people are seeing and answering their questions (for example Yahoo Answers). These answers may include a link to your website or blog, which brings in traffic from search engines.

4. YouTube Videos posted under High Traffic Videos - YouTube is one of the best ways to target free traffic too. By finding one of the top traffic videos in your niche and creating a video response to it, you can post your video and expect to receive a small percentage of its traffic on an ongoing basis. Anyone can create a video response and don't forget to link your website/link page in your description.

These are just a few ways you can get free and targeted traffic. If you think about it, free traffic is everywhere and you can find new sources of targeted traffic if you search for it.

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